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Many a BF2 veteran will know what">Project Reality is (if you don't, click it) and just how much of a game changer it has bean to the Battlefield community. It put a breath of fresh air into gameplay that could be argued, by some, as going stale back in 2007. Since then they have endevoured to make PR something truly unique, the only thing linking it back to it's previous BF2 versions being the fact that they use the same engine.">BF2Battlelog runs on the same system made by PR for the login server which has been the main reason BF2 is still played in many formats today (PR itself, Forgotten Hope 2 and our very own Revive BF2 being worked on by the beautiful Engineerisaac). 

Myself, Sickem, Ricky and Navras have all been playing and recording ourselves on Project Reality. We aren't professional gamers, we swear and make mistakes. But what does come from it is great fun and sharing the game out to those whom are less privileged and haven't played it. Here's the first video, it's only a basic upload and our future videos will have a streamlined format involving the Blue Entertainment logo.


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I Couldnt be more proud then I am today. Blue entertainment is 8 years old and I see people fade in and fade out. But there is a core group of friends that I have found dear over time. Blue has migratred and mutated into many things. but one thing remains the same, Each of us as friends.

There where many days where we all were in some state of mind less then our greatest days. Some of us went naked on skype. Some shot holes in floors by mistake. Some get so upset at being assoicated with a buthole. But one thing remains constant. The star has become more then just a logo now. Its a mark. It shows pride in what we do. It can be slapped on anything we do, and everything we are proud of.

Over the years we have lost members, Some too young. Blue continues to stand no matter what form it takes to survive blue is never going to die as long as I stand. And for that friends I thank all of you.